Offensive Content Policy

Due to our contract with our manufacturer, we are not allowed to print designs on our pacifiers that may be deemed "offensive", such as inappropriate images and/or language. Should your design be considered offensive, we will send a blank pacifier in its place.

We have this policy in place, due to the manufacturer wanting to ensure that all pacifiers using their patented design, are considered appropriate.

The reason we have to ship a blank pacifier in it's place, is because the designs are reviewed after the orders have already been printed, bagged, and just before they are on their way out the door. We would not be able to cancel the ones already printed, or locate the order again later. We ship thousands of pacifiers a day, and it is just not possible to catch them before.

Typically we try to be as lenient as possible, as long as the design is not graphic, or contains words not considered appropriate by the manufacturer, it will usually be fine. We suggest you keep this in mind when ordering to ensure you do not get stuck with a blank pacifier in your order.


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